A quick guide to exploring Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite Asian cities. Despite its small territorial size, there is a lot to do and worth spending 3 to 4 days exploring the city. My favorite attractions are listed below to offer you a quick guide to exploring Hong Kong.

Victoria Peak

Known locally as simply “The Peak”, it is Hong Kong’s tallest mountain. The breathtaking city view is one of a kind and it is a must see. Take the tram and enjoy the view as your climb the mountain.

Sky 100

This top Hong Kong tourist attraction offers you a 360-degree view of the city.  It sits at 393 meters above sea level and has a multitude of accommodations to include a cafe, a time tunnel highlighting Hong Kong transformation over the last century and a cool app that enables visitors to virtually glide over the harbor.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

A clear highlight of the cultural heritage, you will find 500 gold Buddha statues lining the more than 400 steps that lead up to the monastery. On the monastery grounds you will find 4 pavilions, 5 temples and 1 pagoda so the visit is more than one building. I also recommend you take your time as you walk up the steps and observe each of the statues as they are all different.

Lantau Island

Hong Kong’s largest outlying island is Lantau. Between the traditional fishing village, amazing giant Tian Tan Buddha and the Ping 360 cable cars, you will find an entire day of attractions.  To get there, simply take the half-hour ferry that leaves from Central Pier 6.

Ocean Park

A marine mammal and animal theme park, Ocean Park is located in the Southern District of Hong Kong. The park offers a few roller coasters, a giant panda habitat and a cable car system amongst many other displays.

Nature Walks

If you want to get out and about and simply soak in the natural beauty than put your hiking boots on and head out. The four most popular trails are located at The Peak so don’t be shy to continue exploring the area as you head out on your hike.  There are many other trails throughout Hong Kong so don’t hesitate to ask your hotel concierge or do more online hiking research before your trip.


Hong Kong is a beautiful and welcoming Asian city and you will not have a single dull moment.  There is a plenty to see, much to do and lots to eat so don’t hesitate on spending a few days there on your next trip to the region.

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