Welcome to my travel blog – Globe Road Warrior. I have been traveling for business and pleasure for the past 25 years and have visited over 64 countries and still counting.

For quite some time my family and friends have been consulting me about traveling internationally which has lead to the usual question “why don’t have a blog?”.  After hundreds of the same reaction and many years I was convinced to make it happen.  I picked up a WordPress book and here we are.

I hope you enjoy my advice, tips and the awkward,funny stories compiled over the years. Traveling around the world has taken me from the tropical climates of Asia and South America to the desolate deserts of the Middle East. Having travelled extensively while in the military, I have been to some less traditional vacations spots such as Mauritania, Yemen and Suriname.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share and look forward to having you come back routinely to read my posts. Better yet, sign up to receive my blog post releases via email and follow me on social media.