Five Uncommon Activities To Do In Miami

Miami is known as the Capital of Latin America and synonymous with beaches, mojitos and night life. However, there is so much more to do than party. Here are five uncommon activities to do in Miami:


Never jumped out of a plane?  There’s no better place to do it than in Miami. The perfect year-round weather, clear skies and amazing shoreline will take your breath away.  There are a few skydiving operations available, but my favorite is Skydive Miami which is located at the Homestead General Airport. Be sure to bring some snacks and drinks as it is pretty remote and there is nothing conveniently located.

Airboat ride

A unique way to experience the Everglades is on an airboat. The fun filled and speed packed eco tour will take you to some places only reachable by boat and expose you to some of the 200,000 alligators that reside in the Everglades.  Plan half a day to enjoy this event and give yourself enough time to travel to and from the remote piers.


Kayaking in Everglades National Park

One of the best activities to get out of the hustle and bustle of the Miami metropolitan life is to explore one of the kayak trails in the Everglades National Park. There are four trails that that you can do – Turner River, Halfway Creek, Sandfly Loop and Indian Key Pass.

Important Note – Admission to the Everglades National Park is $25 per car. However, you do not pay admission if you launch at the Turner River or the Gulf Coast Visitor Center.Kayak the Everglades

Wine tasting

Believe it or not, Miami is home to the southernmost winery in the United States.  Schnebly’s Winery in Homestead, Florida makes wines from different tropical fruits.  Although they just started experimenting in 2003, it has grown to a robust winery offering a variety of wines, beers and a full-fledged restaurant.

Wine tasting

Eat cinnamon rolls

Yes! The most amazing cinnamon rolls in the world can be found in Miami. you’ll find them at the family run Knaus Berry Farms. However, make sure to visit from November to April and be prepared to stand in line for a while.

Cinnamon Roll

Bottom line

There is a lot to do in Miami so by no means is this list all inclusive. However, if you’re wanting to do some uncommon activities, start with these and you won’t regret it.

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