My experience participating in the Delta Medallion Status Match Challenge 

I have been a loyal American Airlines Executive Platinum member for the last five years. However, last month I decided to participate in the Delta Skymiles Medallion Status Match Challenge. The challenge offers you to switch to Delta Air Lines and if you currently have elite status with another airline they will give you the equivalent Medallion Status for three months – complimentary. Plus, you even have the opportunity to extend your status past three months if you successfully complete the challenge by flying a certain amount.

In my case, I was offered Platinum (which is the highest status Delta will offer with the challenge) and I am required to completed 18,750 Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQMs) or 25 Medallion Qualifying Segments (MQSs) within three months from enrollment.

My first qualifying flight

After I was approved for the challenge, I booked my first flight and was able to utilize all the Delta Platinum level privileges which included selecting my seat in advance and requesting complimentary upgrades to First Class.

Immediately upon reaching the 120 hours prior to departure, my first segment upgrade to First Class was confirmed and within hours of that I received upgrade confirmation to my connecting segment.

Day of travel

Yesterday I took my first flight after enrolling in the Delta Medallion Status Match Challenge and it could not have gone any smoother.  There were minor flight departure delays on both flight segments but nothing alarming or inconvenient.

During both flights, the flight attendants were very attentive and professional.  They offered pre-departure beverages which is not often the case with other airlines.

Immediately upon departure they offered drinks and came around with a snack basket which included chips, nuts, protein bars and fruit… yes, real fruit.  This may seem small and insignificant to some people but being health conscience and an athlete, I find it refreshing that it is even an option.

While in the air the flight attendants constantly roamed the First-Class cabin offering refills and more snacks.  This is refreshing as my experience with other U.S. airlines is that once they make their first round they take a break and disappear for a while.


I found it interesting that there were no monitors in the cabin for entertainment. However, movies were available for viewing on personal laptops, tablets or phones if one desired for FREE.  In fact, I had not downloaded the app needed to my tablet before departure and I was able to do it in the air with the GOGO inflight WIFI which is not doable with other airlines. The movie selection was also impressive compared to other airlines.


It was a long but enjoyable day on Delta Air Lines.  Despite the delays, their keen attention and excellent service made up for the minor inconveniences.  Job well done Delta Air Lines!  You have a client in the making.

I will keep you posted on my Status Match Challenge results which ends in October 2017.






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