11 days in Italy – a family friendly itinerary

Italy is one of the most popular vacations destinations in Europe. Having visited Italy alone many times, and recently completed a family vacation prepared me to prepare this 11 days in Italy – a family friendly itinerary that is fun and action packed for everyone.

So much to see, so little time

Italy is geographically large and has so much to see. If you’ve never been to Italy before, one of the hardest things to do is choosing whether you want to visit Rome and head north to Florence and Venice or visit Rome and then head south and visit some of the smaller, coastal towns.  We chose to head south and had a blast!

11 days in Italy

As I have written many times before, in order to have a successful trip you must do prior planning. Having a day-by-day general itinerary let’s everyone know what the plan is. Doing your research before traveling allows you to become familiar with operating hours, attire, recommendations and any restrictions.

I also recommend you only plan on visiting 2-3 sites per day. This allows for ample time at each site, not rushing from one location to another and most importantly gives you the freedom to have fun!

Day 1
Depart for Rome

Day 2
Arrive in Rome
Settle in and prepare for Day 3

Day 3
Roman Forum (Ancient Rome)
Palatine Hill

Day 4
Vatican City
St Peter’s Basilica
Castel Sant Angelo

Day 5
Centro Storico

Day 6
Pick up rental car
Visit Pompeii
Travel to Sorrento

Day 7

Day 8
Take ferry from Sorrento to Capri
Spend day at Capri Island

Day 9
Visit Sorrento
Depart/Arrive in Rome
Return rental car

Day 10
Vatican Museum
Trevi Fountain

Day 11
Depart for home

Want to go north instead?

If you decide to head north to Florence and Venice instead, just switch days 6 thru 9 and plan on taking the train versus a rental car.


Italy has tons of activities for the entire family. Regardless of how long you plan on visiting for, you’ll never have to visit the same place twice unless you didn’t do your research and the site is closed on the day you show up to visit.